GS Mains History 1992

GS Mains History 1992

1. ‘The Viceroyalties of Lord Lytton and Lord Ripon formed an important landmark in the history of the Indian National Movement.’ Examine the truth of the statement (35).


How far was the Swadeshi Movement inked with Boycott? Analyse the nature of mass participation in the Movement (About 250 words).

2. Answer any two of the following: (About 150 words) (15 × 2 = 30)

a. Analyse Jawaharlal Nehru’s views on Independence and Dominion Status. How far were these reflected in the policy enunciated by the Lahore Congress?

b. Why did Mahatma Gandhi launch Civil Disobedience Movement? Analyse the intensity of the movement in different parts of India.

c. ‘The railways did in India what they did elsewhere, they hastened the transition from handicraft to mechanical industry by transforming the transport situation.’ Discuss.

3. Answer any three of the following: (About 50 words each) (10 × 3 = 30)

a. Write a short history of the Local Self-Government till the Reforms of 1919.

b. How far the labour legislations of the British Government were meant to ameliorate the condition of the working class.

c. What were the contributions of the Arya Samaj to social and religious movements of India?

d. Discuss Tagore’s concept on education. How far was it a departure from conventional system of education?

4. Write about the chief features of the following (2 × 15 = 30)

Sunga art


Ram Navami

5. What do you know about the following movements (About 20 words on each)?

Wahabi Movement

Indigo Movement

Quit India Movement

6.  Why have the following become famous?

M A Ansari

R C Joshi

Indulal Yagnik

Lord Pethwick Lawrence

Sree Narayan Guru

Nandlal Bose

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