GS Mains History 1994

GS Mains History 1994

1. How did the outbreak of the Second World War affect India’s political scene? Did the Cripps Mission resolve the political crisis in India (about 250 words)? (35)


Trace the emergence of Gandhiji in Indian political scene till the Champaran Satyagraha of 1917. What was the basic philosophy of Satyagraha enunciated by him (About 250 words)?

2. Answer any two of the following (15 × 2 = 30)

a. Discuss the outstanding Tribal uprisings against the British rule during the nineteenth century. What is meant by ‘un-British’ rule in India? How did the Indian nationalists react against it?

b. Evaluate the role of Dadabhai Naoroji in exposing the evils of British rule in India.

c. Discuss the British policy towards Tibet from the end of the nineteenth century to the Viceroyalty of Lord Curzon (About 150 words each).

3. Answer any three of the following: (10 × 3 = 30)

a. What were the contributions of the Moderates in the formative stage of the Indian National Congress?

b. Explain the part played by Annie Besant in the Home Rule Movement.

c. In what way did the international events in the late twenties of the present century influence Jawaharlal Nehru’s radical views?

d. Why did Tagore emphasize on the primacy of the social over the political order (About 75 words each)?

4. Write about the chief features of the following: (About 20 words on each) (2 × 15 = 30)

Dev Devali

Gandhara School of Art

Indian Ballet

5. What do you know about the following?

Tana Bhagat Movement

Satyashodak Movement

Khilafat Movement

6. Where are the following located and what are they famous for?




7. Why have the following become famous?

N G Ranga

C Y Chintamani

Sir William Wedderburn

Narendra Dev

M R Jayakar

Madan Lal Dhingra

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