GS Mains History 2000

GS Mains History 2000

1. Answer any ONE of the following (About 250 words): 30

a. Trace the origin of the Swadeshi Movement. How did it involve the masses

b. What was Mountbatten Plan? Discuss the reactions of Gandhi and Azad to the Plan.

3. Answer any TWO of the following (About 150 words each): 15 × 2 = 30

a. Who established the Arya Samaj? What was its goal?

b. How did the terrorist movement gather strength in countries other than India?

c. Was Jawaharlal Nehru justified in adopting the principle of non-alignment as the corner-stone of India’s foreign policy?

4. Answer the following (About 20 words each): 2 × 15 = 30


Amir Khusro

William Jones

C F Andrews

Narayan Guru

Tantia Tope

Sayyid Ahmad

Margaret Noble

Sangam Literature

Gandhara School of art

Granth Sahib

Fort William

College Epsom

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