GS Mains History1996

GS Mains History 1996

1. What were the reasons that changed Gandhiji’s attitude of responsive cooperation to non-cooperation in 1920? What were its consequences (35)?


The policies of the British Indian Government during 1858 − 1905 were aimed at preventing another revolt of the masses. Elucidate (About 250 words).

2. Answer any two of the following: (15 × 2 = 30)

a. Bengal was partitioned in 1905 not for administrative reasons but for political purposes. Elucidate.

b. What was the Masterly Inactivity Policy? Why was it abandoned?

c. What was the Macdonald Award? How was it modified (About 150 words each)?

3. Answer any three of the following: (10 × 3 = 30)

a. What was Tilak’s contribution towards shaping the course of the nationalist movement in India?

b. Why has Nehru in his Autobiography been so critical of the liberals?

c. What was the role of the states people’s movement in the integration of Indian states?

d. Tagore’s emphasis on internationalism and humanism was ahead of his times. Explain (About 75 words each).

4. Write about the chief features of the following (2 × 15 = 30)

Town Planning in Indus Valley Civilization

Rock cut Cave Architecture

Ahmadiya Movement

Mahayan Buddhism

5. What do you know about the following:

Butler Committee Report

August Offer, 1940

Theosophical Society of India

6. With which events are the following places associated?


Chauri chaura



7. Why have the following been famous?

Bhartendu Harish Chandra

C Rajagopalachari

A O Hume

Birsa Munda

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