GS Mains History 2003

GS Mains History 2003

1. Answer any one of the following: (about 250 words) 30 Marks

a. The reforms of 1909 introduced a cardinal problem and ground of controversy at every revision of the Indian electoral system. Comment.

b. Discuss the problem that impeded the integration of the princely states into the Indian Union. How were these problems tackled?

2, Answer any two of the following: (about 150 words) 2 X 15 = 30 Marks

a. ‘The mainstay of Mahatma Gandhi’s movements was the rural India.’ Elucidate.

b. Discuss the character of major tribal uprisings in British India in the nineteenth Century.

c. Bring out the ideological basis of the Moderate-Extermist divide in the Indian National Congress.

3. Answer the following: (about 20 words) 15X 2 = 30 Marks


Saranath Pillar

The Jatiya Sarkar of Tamluk


Sajjad Zahir


Har Dayal

Khudai Khidmatgar

Mahayana Cult

W W Hunter

Indu Lal Yajnik

Achhut Patwardhan

Sir William Jones

James Wilson


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