GS Mains History2001

GS Mains History 2001

1. Answer any one of the following (about 250 words): (30)

a. Discuss the main objectives of the Indian national movement up to 1905.What were its basic weaknesses during this period?

b. What administrative changes were introduced in India after 1858? What were the objectives of these changes?

2. Answer any two of the following (About 150 words each): (2 × 15 = 30)

a. How did the movement for the liberation of women receive a great stimulus from the rise and growth of the nationalist movement in India?

b. Discuss the aims and objects of the Khilafat Movement. To what extent was it successful?

c. Why did Gandhi launch the Salt Satyagraha in 1930 and with what results?

3. Write about the following (About 20 words each): (15 × 2 = 30)


D K Karve

J Krishnamurthy

Prarthana Samaj

Ghadar Party

Satyashodhak Samaj

Jamnalal Bajaj


Gopi Kishna

Pupul Jaykar

Mohammad Iqbal


T Prakasam

Champaran Satyagraha

All Brothers

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