GS Mains History1998

GS Mains History 1998

1. Did Jawaharlal Nehru really ‘speak’ the ‘language’ of Gandhi? Locate the points of their agreements and departures.


How did economic nationalism mirror the work of the early nationalist leadership in India (About 250 words)? 35

2. Answer any two of the following: 15 × 2 = 30 (About 150 words on each)

a. Why did the moderates lose appeal with the Indians and failed to elicit desired response from the British?

b. How did the Policy of free trade hurt Indian textile industry and crafts in the latter half of the 19th century?

c. Trace the origins of the R. N. I. Mutiny and evaluate its impact on the political situation in India.

3. Answer any three of the following: 10 × 3 = 30 (About 75 words on each)

a. Examine the ideas of Rabindranath Tagore on democracy.

b. How did the Swadeshi Movement in Bengal influence the nationalist politics?

c. What was the significance of the Prajamandal movements in the Indian States in the decade preceding India’s independence?

d. Assess the role of C Rajagopalachari during the pre-partition years of Indian public life.

4. Answer the following questions (About 20 words on each)

a. What do you know about the following: 2 × 15 = 30

Nil Darpan

Sarda Sadan

Sabarmati Ashram

Hunter Commission

Bandi Jiwan

b. Why have the following become famous?

Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Seth Jamanlal Bajaj

S Satyamurti

Udham Singh

Sarojini Naidu

Kulu School


Wahabi Movement B

harat Dharma Mahamandal

Communal Award

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