GS Mains IAS Previous Years Question Paper 1 – 1991

GS Mains IAS Previous Years Question Paper 1 – 1991



1. Narrate the phase of the India’s freedom movement especially from the beginning of 1947 till the attachment of Independence.                            35


Discuss the growth of revolutionary terrorism with special reference to its ramifications in Maharashtra, Bengal and Punjab till the first decade of the twentieth century.(About 250 words)


2. Answer any two of the following:        15×2=30

(a) What was Harijan Movement?  Why and with what effect did Gandhi launch individual Satyagraha?

(b) ‘I am convinced that the only key to the solution of the world’s problems and of India’s problems lies in socialism. I see no way of ending the poverty, the vast unemployment, the degradation and the subjection of the Indian people except through socialism.’ In what way did Nehru succeed in achieving the objectives through national Planning?

(c) Trace the growth and development of University education till 1919. (About 150 words each)


3. Answer any three of the following:       10×3=30

(a) ‘Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s versatile carrer went through various phases.’ State briefly the various facets of his life.

(b) How far was Rabindranath Tagore a poet of Mankind?

(c) Discuss the role of the Theosophical Society in the history of religious movement in India.

(d) State the various regulations imposed by the British Government to curtail the freedom of the press.(About 50 words each)


4. Answer any three of the following:        10×3=30

(About 20 words on each)

(a) Write about the chief characteristic of the following:

(i) Chandella school of architecture

(ii) Manipur dance

(iii) Baisakhi

(iv) Janmashtami

(b) What do you know about the following movements?

(i) Swadeshi Movement    (ii) Khilafat Movement

(iii)  Namdhari Movement

(c) Where are the following located and why have they been in the news?

(i) Rudrapur    (ii) Kachchativu

(ii) Moron

(d) Why have the following become famous?

(i) S.A.Dange        (ii) C. Sankaran Nair

(iii) Titu Mir           (iv) Theodore Beck



5. Who were the main participants at the West Asian peace Conference in Madrid and what were the main issue confronting the participants? What do you think has been achieved at the meet?        35


Briefly describe the chain of major events towards the end of 1991 which led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the resignation of Mikhail Gorbachov. Who, assumed the Soviet Union’s membership in the United Nations including that in the Security Council.(About 250 words)


6. Attempt any three of the following:         10×3=30

(a) What is ‘Operation Rhino’? Why was it resorted to and to what extent you think it has been a success?

(b) What do you know of the new Secretary-General of the United Nations? Mention some of the more challenging

(c) In what way India made a significant contribution at the CHOGM summit at Harare? Who host the next CHOGM and when?

(d) What is the genesis of the Yugoslav unrest? What has been the reaction of the European Community towards it? (About 75 words each)


7. Attempt any five of the following:        6×5=30

(a) What is National Integration Council? Is there a need for it? What was the major outcome of the recent meeting of the National Integration Council?

(b) What was the magnitude of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and what was the sailent feature of the Supreme Court verdit on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

(c) What has been India’s stand in respect of the proposed sale of a nuclear reactor to Iran?

(d) Briefly indicate why and what types of problems were faced by the United Germany consequent on its unification.

(e) Where Antarctica and what is is there so special about it? What do you know of any ban on exploration in Antarctica?

(f) What main topics were discussed at the NATO Summit at Rome recently and indicate the main trends which emerged out of it?

(g) Who are the ‘Boat People’ of Hong Kong? What is the nature and magnitude of their problem?

(About 50 words on each)


8. (a) with which games are the following associated :

(i) Begum Hazrat Mahal Trophy

(ii) Swaythling Cup

(iii) Vijay Hazre Trophy

(b) Why have the following been in the news of late?

(i) Ben Okri         (ii) Nasiruddin Dagar

(iii) Carla Hills     (iv) Shankar Guha Neogy

(v) Father Jean Bertrand Aristide        (vii) Dr.M.S. Swaminathan

(viii) Durga Khota

(c) (i) who is the director of the Doordarshan Serial: Chanakya’? Who plays the title role?

(ii) Who won the Wimbledon Championship in 1991?

Who was his opponent and of which nationality?

(iii) Who has been adjudged the best film Director at the 38Th National Film Festivals for 1990 and for which film?

(iv) Where was the Olympic Hockey qualifying tournament  played? Who won it?(About two sentence on each)                                    15×2=30



9. (a) A medical  report mentioned that 85 per cent of the residents of a village have been vaccinated against a disease and that 70 Per cent escaped the disease. Neverthless, the percentage of those who were vaccinated but who suffered from the disease was 5. Show that this report cannot be correct.     6

(b) The income and expenditure of a bank for the year 1985-86 is given below. Represent the data by a pie diagram:

Total Income (in lakhs)    :    Rs. 5,086
Expenditure (in lakhs)
Interest paid                   :    Rs. 3,179
Salaries                           :    Rs. 1,429
Rent                                :    Rs. 152
Other                              :    Rs. 257
Profit                               :    Rs.69

10. (a) The following  table gives the number of runs scored by two batsmen A and B in the last five matches:

A    40    50    60    40    50
B    100    120    5    5    10

Which batsman would you prefer for inclusion in the team for the next match? Why?        6

(b) The following tables give the classification of 100 electric bulbs of two types A and B according to their life –time in hours.

Life time in Hours Number of Bulbs
Type A


Type B


Both the types come with a guarantee periods of 1100 hours, during which all failed bulbs are replaced free of cost. Which type of bulbs would you prefer? Why?

If the manufacture of type A bulbs wants to ensure that the proportion of bulbs that fail during the guarantee period should not exceed 0.05, what guarantee period should be offer?


11. (a) Examine the following statements critically :        6
(i) In Delhi, 80% of road accidents involve male drivers, while only 20% involve female drivers. Therefore, females are better drivers.

(ii) A good idea about the average monthly income of individuals in a city in India can be obtained by calculating the average of the monthly incomes of a random sample of 100 persons selected from the telephone directory.

(iii) One can predict the winning candidate in an election by taking every tenth voter coming out of an election booth to name the candidate for whom he has voted.

(b) 100 fish from a lake were trapped, marked and released in the lake. After allowing enough time to ensure that the marked fish have mixed freely with the unmarked ones, 20 fish were caught and bound to contain 5 marked and 15 unmarked fish. Using this information, give an estimation of the total number of fish in the lake.        8


12. (a) The following data is concerned with the annual turnover in lakhs of rupees of a manufacturing company :

Year    1986    1987    1988    1989    1990
Turnover    342    380    385    420    480

obtain the average annual rate of increase in turnover and forecast the turnover for 1991.

(b) Let X denote the output of an employee before a training programme and Y that after the training programme. Statistical analysis indicates that X and Y are related by the equation Y=20+0.95X, Where X range from 40 to 100. The management claims that since 0.95 is less than one, the training programme reduces the output of the employee. Do you agree with the management? Justify your answer.        6


A region has varying degrees of cloudiness in the month of July. The degree of cloudiness is rated on an 11 point scale from 0 to 10; 0 denoting clear skies and 10 denoting completely overcast skies. The histogram below gives the classification of 1400 observations on degrees of cloudiness.

Prepare a table showing the frequency distribution of degrees of cloudiness. Comment briefly on the nature of cloudiness in the region.        6

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