GS Mains IAS Previous Years Question Paper 2 – 1991

GS Mains IAS Previous Years Question Paper 2 – 1991

Section I

1. (a) Examine the constitutional relation between the President and the Prime Minister of India. (About 250 words)         40


(b) Examine whether the grant of greater autonomy to the States would be in the interets of strengthening the integrity and promoting the economic development of the country, especially in the light of recent happenings in our Country. (About 250 words)    40

2. (a) What usually is meant by the expression an underdeveloped economy? What, according to you, are the basic causes of underdevelopment in India? (About 250 words)        40


(b) Discuss the measures taken in the five-years plans to mitigate rural poverty. (About 250 words)        40


3. (a) What is artificial intelligence? What is its current scenario and what are its prospects? (About 250 words)    40


(b) Give a brief account of major achievements in the relam of Biotechnology in India. (About 250 words)


Section II

4. Answer any two of the following (Answer to each questions should be in about 150 words)        20+20

(a) Discuss the powers of the President of India regarding the scheduled areas.

(b) What are the constitutionals provisions that insure the independence of the Public Service Commission in India?

(c) Discuss the secular nature of Indian Polity and the position of minorities in India.

(d) ‘The plannings operations in India have led to erosion of federalism ; Discuss.


5. Answer any two of the following (Answer to each questions should be in about 150 words)        20+20

(a) Analyze the main defects of Indian Trade Union Movement.

(b) Bring out the main features of India’s Trade policy.

(c) What, according to you, are the remedies to the problem of rural indebtedness in India?

(d) What are the factors that ensure the success of the Public Distribution system?


6. Answer any two of the following (Answer to each questions should be in about 150 words)        15+15

(a) What do you understand by the Integrated Rural Energy System? Also mention at least three new Sources of Energy.

(b) Examine the recent developments that have taken place in identifying and mapping land resources in India.

(c) Explain the factors affecting the distribution of population in India, bringing out the variation in density over space.

(d) Account for varied enviornmental problems resulting from wide spread deforestation in both Aravallis and Himalayan regions.


7. Answer any two of the following (Answer to each questions should be in about 150 words)        20+20

(a) Trace the progress of India’s Space Research Programmes? What are its significant achievements?

(b) What is ‘Jal Shakti’? What are its uses?

(c) What is the basis of monsoon forecasts now prepared by the Indian Metrological Department, Which have been reasonable correct for the last three successive years?

(d) the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) is expected to set up a number of hydroelctrics projects in the Eighth  plan. Summarise the salient features of the proposal.


Section III

8. Answer four questions from Group A, three from Group B and three from Group C (Answer to each question should be in about 25 words each)

Group A

(a) What is Non-Plan Expenditure?

(b) What is Statutory liquidity Requirement of Commercial banks?

(c) What is ICICI?

(d) What is ‘Dakshina Ganga’? What is it so named?

(e) How was Meghalaya Plateau seperated from the Deccan Plateau?

(f) If the context of recent institutional developments in our capital markets, what do the following abbreviations stand for:

(i) CRISIL    (ii) SEBI        (iii) SHCI


Group B

(a) Distinguish between value-based and personality-based politics.

(b) Distinguish between Care-taker Government and Minoroty Government.

(c) When can the Governor of a State reserve a Bill for consideration by the President of India?

(d) Why was Education taken out of the State List and inserted in the concurrent list of the Indian constotution?

(e) Set fourth the functions of the Cabinet.

(f) What is the value of ‘O and M’ in Administration?


Group C

(a) What are binary chemcals weapons?

(b) What is SQUID? Which of the CSIR laboratories are working on it?

(c) What is tissue culture?

(d) What is Hepetitis E?

(e) What are ocean floor polymettalic sulphides? Where is the largest occurence of diposits reported?

(f) Name the main offshore oil field of India and the agency which operates it.

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