Weekly Problem Practice for 2024 History Optional [World History: Week 8]

Q.1 “It is one of the ironies of history that Japan was the creator of communist China.” Explain this statement.  [10 Marks]

Q.2 “The purpose of Atlantic Charter was to be a message of hope to the occupied countries, and it held out the promise of a world organization based on the enduring verities of international morality.” Comment. [10 Marks]

Q.3 “The Articles of Confederation was too weak to manage the affairs of the United States.” Explain. [10 Marks]

Q.4 “From that time forward socialism was no longer an accidental discovery of this or that ingenious brain, but the necessary outcome of the struggle between two historically developed classes- the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. Its task was no longer to manufacture a system of society as perfect as possible, but to … discover in the economic conditions … the means of ending the conflict …. The socialism of earlier days certainly criticised the existing capitalistic mode of production and its consequences. But it could not explain them, and, therefore, could not get the mastery of them.” In the light of this statement, give criticism of account of the utopian socialism and socialism redefined by Marx.  [10 Marks]


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