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Following is the COMPLETE MATERIAL for map section of history optional and you do not have to refer to any other source for history optional map.

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18/20 Map Location in 2017 and 18/19 (with one location unclear) in 2018 and 19/20 in 2019 History Optional Main Examination had been asked from our following Map Material:

Palaeolithic Sites

पुरापाषाण स्थल

Mesolithic Sites

मध्य पाषाण स्थल

Neolithic Sites

नवपाषाण स्थल

Early Harappan Sites

प्रारंभिक हड़प्पा स्थल

Harappan Sites / Indus Valley Civilisation Sites

हड़प्पा स्थल

Late Harappan Sites

उत्तर हड़प्पा स्थल

Chalcolithic Sites

ताम्रपाषाण स्थल

Megalithic Sites

महापाषाण स्थल

Painted Grey Ware Sites

चित्रित धूसर मृदभांड स्थल

Ancient Ports

प्राचीन बंदरगाह

Ancient Cave Sites

प्राचीन गुफा स्थल

Ancient Education Centres

प्राचीन शिक्षा केंद्र

Temple Sites

मंदिर स्थल

Buddhist Sites

बौद्ध स्थल

Ancient Jain Sites

Ancient Capital Cities

प्राचीन राजधानी शहर

Famous Inscriptional sites (Except Ashokan Inscriptions)

प्रसिद्ध शिलालेख (अशोक शिलालेख को छोड़कर)

Edicts of Ashoka

अशोक का शिलालेख

Ancient Mosque Sites

Ancient Church Sites

World Heritage Ancient Sites

Petroglyph Sites

Hominid Fossil Sites

होमिनिड जीवाश्म स्थल

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Free Map Materials

  • Useful for History Optional Paper in Civil Services Examination.
  • Sites have been arranged alphabetically. Few sites have multiple names so it can be found in some other Parts also.
  • Note: Those enrolled in Map Material Course will get materials as per new syllabus and they don’t have to read the following free material.

Part A Click Here             Part BClick Here             Part C – Click Here

Part D- Click Here              Part E – Click Here              Part F- Click Here

Part G – Click Here              Part H- Click Here              Part I – Click Here

Part J – Click Here              Part K – Click Here              Part L – Click Here

Part M – Click Here            Part N- Click Here              Part O – Click Here

Part P- Click Here              Part Q – Click Here              Part R- Click Here 

Part S – Click Here              Part T – Click Here              Part U – Click Here

Part V – Click Here              Part W – Click Here            Part X – Click Here

Part Y – Click Here              Part Z – Click Here


  1. Thank you for the effort. Have you covered all the available sites? Can we solely rely on this source for map practice?

  2. how you have drawn grid lines on map haven’t taken longitude or latitude as a reference.. can you explain the method for drawing the grids?

    1. Taking longitude and latitude is not desirable if one wants to make it simple. Grid lines are drawn from specific “critical” points on the border which one needs to remember. Critical points could be lowermost point in Tamilnadu, leftmost point in gujarat etc. This is not difficult to remember as there are only 9 or 10 vertical and horizontal lines.

  3. Sir your history through maps is nice but there is one problem.when I am going to click on the sites then it does not open e.g chalcolithic sites,harappan sites etc.only three sites namely neo,meso and Paleolithic being open and others are not….plz reply…

  4. Sir,

    By what time we can expect the important site groupings to be complete? That would be immensely helpful.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Chalcolithic Sites are asked frequently..when can we expect this on this portal? Thanks in advance..

  6. sir please complete the other list. your forum is the only place where i found dealing with map section according to the changing needs of UPSC. thanks for the efforts. you are immensely saving our time.

  7. I am visiting the page after very long and pleasantly surprised with the improvements..!! Great work. Keep it up..:)

  8. All Lithic Sites are not found in your categories of A B C D which you mention in important history optioal sites category. So provide all list of neo,meso,paleo.

  9. Whereas Brahmo Samaj sucessfully captured the imagination of modern india, Arya Sanaj failed. Discuss

  10. really commendable effort sir… thanku so much and it is a kind request that please cover rest part also..

  11. It will be extremely helpful if you complete other lists also which can’t be clicked now. Preparing for this Mains with History optional and a lot to do in very less time. Please complete a few more at least.

  12. Medieval sites are also there. However, we only get questions on Ancient sites. Should we ignore the medieval ones?


  14. Hello my dear Indian,
    Thank u very much for this website and initiative. You are doing amazing work for many rural aspirants. I have a small request for you, since many days you didn’t updated Important Historical Sites link. Till today only first three links are updated under this section. 1. Palaeolithic Site 2. Mesolithic Sites 3.Neolithic Sites.
    Will you update remaining topic link? I give last year’s mains, your website helps me a lot. Now this year I am looking forward with strong hopes. Please help us. Keep it up. Thank you.

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